Message from the president

We are the company worked in the development and sales of “Network system performance monitoring tool” that monitors operational status of information communication networks and predictions of failure events. Ever since every devices are about to connect to the network, from familiar tools such as personal computers and mobile phones to high-performance servers and large-scale data centers, more recently home electronics and cars.

Looking to ensure that the network operates correctly and preventing events in advance is one of the most important measures for crisis management for all organizations such as companies and governments.

Since our founding in 2002, we have consistently been working on network performance monitoring with the phrase “visualization of network infrastructure”.

  • Through network infrastructure, we will be pleased with our customers.
  • Become a professional group with ethics and execution power.
  • Become a company that can contribute to society through loving by customers and creating outstanding human resources.

We set the above 3 philosophies and set the following 7 values as indicators to work out.

  • Pour all energy to get customers happy.
  • Hold on team play in all situations.
  • The major role is always a customer and a field.
  • Promote solving all problems based on a field / customer-first policy
  • Always humble and constantly changing for the future.
  • Continue to be free and flexible.
  • Always be active, bright, fun and tackle work with sharpness.

Our big advantage is that we are developing our own products by ourselves for performance monitoring. The main product “System Answer G2” released in 2011 has the most characteristic feature of multi-vendor support that is compatible to over 100 network devices.

Because of self-developed products, it is possible to visualize the performance information of many vendors’ devices without being limited to a specific vendor, which is an overwhelming advantage over other companies in the same industry.

From now on, with the new vision of “Improvement of service quality” which further developed “Improvement of system quality” previously mentioned, we can provide products and services required by customers while promoting persistent growth. I would like to contribute to society, aiming at the only one company.

I wish to express our deepest appreciation for IBC, We look forward your continued support and patronage.

CEO & President Hiroyuki Kato

Corporate Profile

Company nameIBC Co.,Ltd.: Internetworking & Broadband Consulting Co.,Ltd.
RepresentativeCEO & PresidentHiroyuki Kato
Head Office1-8-8, Shinkawa
Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0033
EstablishedOct 16, 2002
Capital¥442,930,000 (As of Mar.31, 2021)
ExecutivesCEO & President Hiroyuki Kato
Director Yuki Ota
Director Hiroyuki Takagi
Director Shigemasa Kajimoto
Director Jo Oda
Corporate Auditor Yoshiyuki Yamamoto
Corporate Auditor Akihiko Mochizuki
Corporate Auditor Atsushi Oshima
Corporate Auditor Hiroshi Sato
Employees67 (As of Mar.31, 2021)
Main BankMUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Resona Bank, Limited.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
BusinessDevelopment / sales / support of network system performance monitoring tool
Performance assessment service of network system
Design, construction and consulting of network system
Development / provision of IoT security infrastructure services
Various devices and software sales
Member OrganizationsConnected Consumer Device Security Council(CCDS)
The Software Association of Japan(SAJ)
Entrepreneurs Organization(EO)
Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems(J-LIS)
The Kansai Institute of Information System(KIIS)
The Tokyo New Business Conference(NBC)
Group CompaniesSundayArts Co., Ltd.
IBC Global Pte. Ltd.


  1. 2002
    Oct. 2002
    IBC Co.,Ltd. is established.
  2. 2003
    Jun. 2003
    Sep. 2003
    Network monitoring appliance “BT monitor” is announced.
    Certified with the law of promoting business created by small and medium-sized enterprises.
  3. 2004
    Jun. 2004
    Network monitoring appliance “BT monitor Light” is announced.
  4. 2005
    Apr. 2005
    Jun. 2005
    Chubu branch is established.
    “BT monitor” is certified for NEC UNIVERGE.
    Head office is moved.
  5. 2006
    Aug. 2006
    Sep. 2006
    Reporting software “BT Reporter” is announced.
    Rights Offering. Capital ¥70,000,000.

  6. 2007
    May 2007
    Jul. 2007
    Aug. 2007
    Sep. 2007
    Nov. 2007
    Network monitoring appliance “BT monitor V2” is announced.
    Rights Offering. Capital ¥91,500,000.
    Obtained a license for Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings (No. 13-306806)
    Network monitoring appliance “BT monitor V2 Light” is announced.
    Got a prize of ASPIC award 2007/2008.
  7. 2008
    Dec. 2008
    Network monitoring appliance “System Answer” is announced.

  8. 2009
    Mar. 2009
    Chubu branch is moved.
  9. 2010
    Dec. 2010
    Website is renewed.

  10. 2011
    Jul. 2011
    Jul. 2011
    West branch is established.
    Network monitoring software for data center “System Answer G2 Datacenter Ware” is announced.
  11. 2012
    Feb. 2012
    Oct. 2012
    Nov. 2012
    Quality management service “Today’s Response” is announced.
    System performance monitoring software “System Answer G2 Enterprise Ware” is announced.
    Operation automatic system “Himawari” is announced.
  12. 2013
    Apr. 2013
    Jun. 2013
    Aug. 2013
    System performance monitoring appliance “System Answer G2 RAID Appliance” is announced.
    System operation report software “System Answer G2 Reporter” is announced.
    Performance monitoring appliance for virtual environment “System Answer G2 Virtual Appliance” is announced.
    Head office is moved.
  13. 2014
    Jan. 2014
    Jun. 2014
    System performance monitoring appliance “System Answer G2 Light Appliance” is announced.
    Performance information published service “System Answer RS Global Baseline” is announced.
  14. 2015
    Sep. 2015
    Dec. 2015
    Dec. 2015
    Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
    Website is renewed.
    Corporate logo is renewed.
  15. 2016
    Mar. 2016
    Integrated product of performance and log information “System Answer G2 Log Option” is announced.
    Apr. 2016
    Apr. 2016
    Jul. 2016
    Nov. 2016
    Joint venture iBeed. Inc. is established with Skeed Co.,Ltd.
    Network quality management product “System Answer G2 Quality Analyzer Option” is announced.
    IBC Co.,Ltd. took over iBeed. Inc.
    Listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

  16. 2017
    Jan. 2017
    Jul. 2017
    Aug. 2017
    Oct. 2017
    Dec. 2017
    Website is renewed.
    System information monitoring software “System Answer G3” is announced.
    Next-generation MSP service “SAMS(Speedy Action Management Services)” is announced.
    Verification experiment of New Security certificate platform “kusabi” is started.
    New Security certificate platform “kusabi” announced at “3rd Information Security Management Summit” by Nikkei Computer.
    Dec. 2017
    Monitoring solution for Azure “System Answer for Microsoft Azure” is announced.
  17. 2018
    Mar. 2018
    May. 2018
    Jun. 2018
    Aug. 2018
    Partner License of New Security certificate platform “kusabi” is announced.
    iBeed. Inc., our subsidiary company, changed its name to iChain, Inc.
    Cloud-based log management service “LOG on SAMS” is announced.
    Integrated product of performance and log information “System Answer G3 Log Option” is announced.
    Aug. 2018
    Network quality management product “System Answer G3 Quality Analyzer Option” is announced.
    Aug. 2018
    Cloud-based information monitoring service “System Answer G3 on SAMS” is announced.
    Dec. 2018
    System information monitoring appliance for virtual environment “System Answer G3 Virtual Appliance” is announced.
  18. 2019
    Apr. 2019
    Conversion of SundayArts K.K. Co., Ltd(JP) into a Wholly Owned Subsidiary through Simplified Share Exchange
    Jun. 2019
    Aug. 2019
    Automatic reporting tool “System Answer G3 Stats Option” is announced.
    Transferred part of the security business from NaviPlus Co., Ltd.
  19. 2020
    Feb. 2020
    Multi-tenant compatible product “System Answer G3 – XC” is announced.
  20. 2021
    Sep. 2021
    Predicting the future of the system “System Answer G3 Future Prediction Option” is announced.

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Phone +81-3-5117-2780


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