We will support you that anyone can easily introduce everything from development / sales / support of the network system performance monitoring tool System Answer series to network system consulting, performance evaluation, design / construction, and development / provision of IoT security infrastructure services.

System Answer Series

Information management / performance monitoring software developed in-house.

The System Answer series can grasp an accurate and detailed status of various systems. Monitoring targets range from in-house networks / servers to data centers, private / public clouds, and virtual environments. By collecting the operating status and performance information of various devices, it is possible to comprehensively monitor the entire system.

Next Generation MSP Services

Utilizing the know-how cultivated in System Answer, we provide no failure infrastructure environment.

IoT Security Infrastructure Services

It is an electronic certification services with a new concept utilized blockchain technology. It is a “Security Electronic Certification Infrastructure Services” that provides a Digital ID (Certificate Key) has Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Authenticity in logical. Also, it freed from the expiration date limit of the original digital certification.


We provide security assessment services from vulnerability management tools, and sell SSL certificates.

Quality Management

We sell products that perform detailed surveys specializing in traffic monitoring, analysis, and behavior detection using network flows, and provide performance assessment services that perform analysis by experienced engineers who have been involved in network system performance monitoring for many years.


We provide consulting, design, and operation as a one-stop service with the Life Cycle of your system infrastructure.

Flow of Consulting Services

  • Operation monitoring design
  • Operation policy formulation service
  • Operational policy development services
  • Pre-evaluation service
  • Performance monitoring service formulation (menu for DC / xSP)
  • Product introduction consulting
  • Product function design support service
  • Analysis point formulation service

  • Product installation service
  • Monitoring item setting service
  • OSS migration service
  • Installation troubleshooting service
  • Reporting service
  • Linux support service
  • OSS migration service
  • Human resources education service
  • IT infrastructure consultation service
  • System operation support service

Reporting Services

The reporting service analyzes the performance of ICT services, including network systems and servers, and solves various customer issues.

Flow of Reporting


We will hold a preliminary meeting before the introduction to discuss the current problems and analysis points with our customers for the purpose of presenting highly accurate reports.

Data collection

Collects performance data for the product. Not only performance information but also response information is targeted, so we will also measure up to the service level.


Conduct objective analysis from a third-party standpoint. Our engineers specializing in multi-vendor environments perform detailed system analysis.

Debriefing session

Our engineers will report the analysis results to our customers. It includes not only the status report but also the contents of future system improvement and operation improvement.

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