about IBC

Message from the President

We are the company worked in the development and sales of “Network system performance monitoring tool” that monitors operational status of information communication networks and predictions of failure events. Ever since every devices are about to connect to the network, from familiar tools such as personal computers and mobile phones to high-performance servers and large-scale data centers, more recently home electronics and cars.

Looking to ensure that the network operates correctly and preventing events in advance is one of the most important measures for crisis management for all organizations such as companies and governments.

Since our founding in 2002, we have consistently been working on network performance monitoring with the phrase “visualization of network infrastructure”.

  • Through network infrastructure, we will be pleased with our customers.
  • Become a professional group with ethics and execution power.
  • Become a company that can contribute to society through loving by customers and creating outstanding human resources.

We set the above 3 philosophies and set the following 7 values as indicators to work out.

  • Pour all energy to get customers happy.
  • Hold on team play in all situations.
  • The major role is always a customer and a field.
  • Promote solving all problems based on a field / customer-first policy
  • Always humble and constantly changing for the future.
  • Continue to be free and flexible.
  • Always be active, bright, fun and tackle work with sharpness.

Our big advantage is that we are developing our own products by ourselves for performance monitoring. The main product “System Answer G2” released in 2011 has the most characteristic feature of multi-vendor support that is compatible to over 100 network devices.

Because of self-developed products, it is possible to visualize the performance information of many vendors’ devices without being limited to a specific vendor, which is an overwhelming advantage over other companies in the same industry.

From now on, with the new vision of “Improvement of service quality” which further developed “Improvement of system quality” previously mentioned, we can provide products and services required by customers while promoting persistent growth. I would like to contribute to society, aiming at the only one company.

I wish to express our deepest appreciation for IBC, We look forward your continued support and patronage.

CEO & President Hiroyuki Kato